Channel letters are currently the number one choice for storefront signage. They offer high visiblity and can be used for interior or exterior locations. Our channel letters can be made in almost any size, color or style. Faces can be any color plastic or dressed up with vinyl and digital graphics. You can also choose between front and rear illumination. We use super bright L.E.D. lights, the latest in "green" technology. Not only are our channel letters energy efficient, they will stay burning bright for years to come. Let RGM MAD Signs help put your name in lights. 

Custom, illuminated, freestanding pylon signs can help direct traffic to your business and communicate the message of a single store or a multi-tennant complex. They are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas, industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, mini-malls, hotels and retail locations. By using L.E.D. energy efficient lighting or changeable message boards your message is not only clear, it is visible from a distance. Our pylon signs are structurally engineered and designed to withstand all weather conditions all while complementing any space or building.